Words in Somali

Somali English meaning
surmuto whore
bajaqsoft,smooth n juicy,but in slang it's used as a word for chick or a girl
mosscalm down
caathiIt's ok / or all good
hooyyyooooo daaaaa waaaaaassssshave a good day
See tahayHow are you doing
Iska warran?How are you, Tell me about yourself or Tell me any news with you
nabaadpeace or goodbye
Maalin wanaagsan Good day...Good morning
Galab wanaagsanGood afternoon
Habayn wanaagsan Good night
Waan ku jeclahayI love you
Waan kuu xiisay (hiisay)I miss you
WalaasheyMy sister
Waan ku naaban huaI hate you
futto ass
raaheesoChill/ Relax

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